On October 1st this year, the first Beijing International Shadow & Puppet Festival (BISPF)will be held at Tongzhou Tai Lake Park in Beijing and will last for 1 week.

BISPF is designed to create a dreamlike kingdom for tourists through large outdoor installations. It is equipped with 4 special theme tents. In these tents, you can appreciate the endless charm of the shadow & puppet art: Over 70 shows will be put on stage from 16 different international troupes, 21 visual shows and many excellent animations about shadow & puppet will be exhibited. You may not miss these.

Out of doors, you can make close interaction with puppets: Large marionette tours, an ocean with joy for parents and children. Open-air shows, a unique visual feast.

In addition to family entertainment, BISPF also attaches great importance to the communication and dissemination of puppet culture. 30 experts in the field of puppet arts, theatrical performance, art education and cultural industry have been invited to convene 4 international forums around shadow & puppets and 10 lectures and courses for professionals and ordinary audience will be held. We hope to make more people know about shadow & puppet arts and become obsessed with it.

Chinese traditional shadow and puppet theatre appeared early in the Qin and Han Dynasties, and was honored as “the ancestor of all kinds of theatres”. Undoubtedly, shadow &puppet art is the unique treasure of China from world’s performing arts, and also the key to integrate with civilization and art of all countries in the world.

“Transformation” Take culture as the thread, we remove its dross and extract its essence, integrate the gentle and quiet of nature with fortitude and unique of artificiality. With the principle of expression, we go back to the origin and strengthen ourselves. Vividly and dynamically, we take the new colour of the times, give a new look to old objects, create a perfect collision between new technology and old skills. Hundreds of humanoid fishes and dragons leaping over the dragon gate, which created a dreamlike kingdom for tourists. Interesting objects collages, which awoken the memory of the sleeping old Beijing.ent and academic exchange.

Festival Board Team

Yang QianWu

Han Chi

Kain Leo


Festival Staff:

Han Xing


Mechale Heartley

Alison Duddle



Fang JIngyuan

Beijing international Shadow & Puppet Festival is dedicated to the heritage and innovation of traditional culture. We insist on the integration of tradition and modernity, and the dialogue between nation and world. The artists of the world will be invited to carry their splendid repertoire to make the traditional shadow art reappear on the stage of the capital drama through a variety of ways, such as performance, exhibition, entertainment and academic exchange.

With the spirit of China and the world, we hope to integrate Beijing and national shadow art resources, set up the artistic and cultural platform of the international shadow puppet culture, create the Tongzhou cultural brand with the influence of international culture, and make an important contribution to the construction of the Beijing cultural centre.

We sincerely invite you to come to Beijing on October 1st and feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture charm!


Get Involved

As a non-profit organization, We spend every penny, except for running costs, into the festival and supporting work.

To enhance the communication of puppets culture – we need your support!


Artists: Take “Transformation” as the theme, looking for good ideas and creativity, come and join our outdoor production team.


Troupes: We provide you with a platform for the performance and feedback from the public.


Volunteers: Like many cultural organizations in China, Beijing International Shadow & Puppet Festival would not be possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of our small and dedicated team of volunteers. We truly appreciate the time they commit to ensuring that we deliver a really great festival, and in return we aim to provide our volunteers with a rich and valuable learning experience – alongside the opportunity to see some world-class puppet theatre.

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Beijing Tongzhou Tai Lake Park is located in the center of Tai Lake Town, Tongzhou District. The park includes 12 special scenic spots such as “Sunglow of Tai Lake, Leisure Fish Over Rainbow Bridge, 10 Miles Green Corridor, Autumn in Gaotai” and so on. The park has an area of 200 hectares of artificial lake, using purified water, which can be seen as beautiful scenery and environmental protection.

All kinds of facilities in the park are designed by frame line. Standing in the simple line of the rectangular front gate (East Gate), the garden is like a big red picture frame. In the middle of the frame, there’s a big Chinese character “源” carved on Shoushan Stone, and there is a lot of interest in it.

The most distinctive feature of the park is the use of environmentally friendly water, which fully embodies the characteristics of ecological energy conservation. It is a regional comprehensive park which integrates ecological leisure and fitness.

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